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Promoting a healthier workplace.

A healthier, happier, and more productive workplace is something that benefits everyone, but how can you get there? Alive Health Family Chiropractic + Wellness can help! Our doctors and wellness experts work with local businesses and organizations to provide Lunch & massage sessions, educational seminars, and other initiatives to help promote full-body wellness in the workplace.

Enrich Your Company Culture

The Value of Corporate Wellness Programs

Cultivate Healthy Culture
Programs like this are designed to help businesses and organizations support and encourage a holistic approach to wellness for their employees. They are part of building a healthy, positive culture in the workplace and can be key to boosting engagement for employees.

Create Wellness Goals
Your employees spend most of their days in the workplace, so creating wellness goals that help foster work/life balance is essential to preventing burnout and improving business outcomes.

Lower Healthcare Costs
Having healthy employees can also help lower healthcare costs and give your business a competitive edge when attracting new employees, as well as retaining talented employees already working for you.

Components of a Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs can take many forms and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your employees. Many wellness programs include:

  • Monthly Lunch & Learns
  • Reduced Cost Or Free Gym Memberships
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Registration Reimbursement For 5Ks and Other Activities
  • Paid Mental Health Days
  • Ergonomically Designed Workspaces
  • Healthy Snacks Available

Lunch & Learn Topics

Our doctors and staff regularly provide educational opportunities in a corporate setting on the topics of:

  • How Posture Affects The Whole Body
  • How To Get Better Sleep
  • How To Listen To Your Body
  • How To Reach Overall Health Goals

These Lunch & Learn sessions empower you to help your employees live the healthy lives they want, which boosts your business as your workplace is full of happy, energetic people dedicated to helping one another succeed.

How to Get Started

A great place to start is by contacting our office and asking for more information about the educational opportunities available through our Lunch & Learn events and other seminars that could be relevant to your business or organization.

Consider tailoring your corporate wellness program to meet the needs of your employees and management team members. That can begin by simply asking your staff members what they want to feel supported in maintaining a healthy work/life balance and meeting their wellness goals.

Schedule Your Lunch & Learn Event!
Our purpose at Alive Health is to help you feel more alive and experience greatness in life.